Discipleship Training School (week 1)


DTS! – Discipleship Training School

All the travel ended well when I arrived in Auckland on Sep 7 and met the rest of the group. The first few days were orientation where we learned how base and DTS work as well as “life stories.”

Then Wednesday-Friday was a short lecture week on “the character and nature of God.” The biggest thing for me was that we believe lies about God on a regular basis. I think I even know it sometimes but it’s hard for me not to….still processing. Some common lies being, God doesn’t love me, God isn’t all good, and God doesn’t intervene in our lives. We were challenged to carefully assess our view of God and understand where the idea came from – either the Bible or not the Bible.

Otherwise – it has been really awesome to be around a bunch of internationals – there are about 8 from the US out of 24 – with most of the staff being international as well. I have enjoyed explaining english words (many of our sayings of speech really don’t make much sense). Getting to know people has gone fairly well – a lot of people are right out of highschool up through 23.

Prayer Request for the week – Pray that my heart would be soft in God’s hands and that I would be willing to learn. A lot of the teaching is different than the denominations that I have grown up in and it’s hard for me to listen well. Disclaimer: please don’t worry about me believing stuff that’s not in the Bible – gonna push that one pretty hard. Pray that I would be open to God and what he has and make time to listen to the Holy Spirit.


Originally posted September 2013

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