Evangelism (week 2)

Week 2 was in Tauranga (sep15-21).

During the week we had two chances to go into the city to talk to people – the first time went very poorly for me as I tried to be like the speaker…super hip, really fast, and right to the point. I ended up feeling miserable and not really talking to anyone either.

Important Lesson – God doesn’t love us because of what we do for him – he loves us because we are his children – I have fallen into the lie that I earn God’s love to many times.

The second day I went out rather differently – I used the skills/abilities God gave me to both start conversations and then find something to relate over. It could be sports, family, work…basically anything you have in common. In this way I got to talk to 4 or 5 different people, in a way that was much more natural to who God made me. (Key: God made you a certain way – use what he has given you…don’t force yourself into someone else’s cookie-cutter) I even got to talk to a retired engineer for close to 30 minutes. There were no lives committed to Christ, but I was able to build bridges and show people that God loves them in a practical way.

Challenge: Evangelism is for every Christian – you don’t need to do anything fancy…or be crazy qualified – just talk to people about your story and what God has done for you. I really want to try to set aside 30-60 minutes a week to try to talk about God with strangers – would you try with me?


Originally posted September 2013

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