The Lorax

I had the chance to watch the Lorax while I was in LA and I really enjoyed it. In once sense it has an environmental message that is rather over-the-top – but sometimes we refuse to acknowledge issues that are right in front of us until we are slapped in the face with what could be.

Truly great art is a lie that allows you to see the truth –

My paraphrase of a quote often attributed to Pablo Picasso

I believe that this movie is filled with a few timeless truths that we would all be wise to recognize. Firstly, we really do have a consumer problem in America – Secondly the movie really keys in on personal responsibility – The Lorax leaves behind the word “unless” – the world will be the same as always…unless…unless we make something better of it….unless we dare to change ourselves and run relentlessly after Christ giving up all other things for the sake of life in Christ. Dr. Suess “unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” There is a very similar picture in Lord of the Rings with Frodo looks into Galadriel’s mirror – He sees all sorts of horrible things…that will happen unless he finds a way to complete his quest. Far too often we see a task that seems impossible and give up rather than jumping in head first to tackle as much of it as we possibly can.

Finally – the OnceLer gives the main character the final Truffula tree seed – but the main character doesn’t see how it could make any difference. The OnceLer has this great quote – “It’s not what it is, but what it can become, just like a boy.” Too often we see people that are down and out – we, I, write them off as hopeless or not worth the effort.

If Christ would have had the same attitude there wouldn’t be many Christians – I am that down and out from his perspective – but he doesn’t see how miserably I fail at life: he sees what I could be/do with his loving arms wrapped around me.

I think it’s time that we change how we look at the people around us.

Strong In Christ


Originally Posted Aug 2013

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